Forum Title: Closing Soon... a bit of a wrinkle (not in the liner!)
So water temp is hovering in the mid 60s so too soon to close. Lots of low 40s, some 30s overnight for the rest of this week and not likely to warm up soon. Here's the wrinkle... I have been allowing evaporation to take its course over the last few weeks to lessen the amount I need to drain at close. Today during the last pump cycle of the day, the water is now at the point where the skimmers are sucking some air. Waterfalls into the skimmer baskets rather than a whirlpool. So... for the next several days, I'll have both the skimmer lines closed, only drawing water from the main drain. I think I'll be OK as long as I do some brushing and run the robot a few times for circulation and cleaning. No skimming action so I'll have to hope the leaf intrusion is minimal and run the leaf net daily as well. I'd rather do it this way instead of adding a couple thousand gallons to bring the water level up for a few days, just to drain it all out again. :?
Category: pool Post By: VICKI CRAIG (Oxnard, CA), 02/20/2019

Sounds like a plan!

- AGNES MCDANIEL (Columbia, MO), 03/27/2019

Have been closing the last two days, taking my time, stumbling through it a bit. Blew out the skimmers and returns with my 6.5 HP shop vac with no problems. Cannot get the main drain to bubble. Isolated so that I'm blowing through one skimmer back through the pump and out the MD, no air should be flowing through return side. I get a couple bubbles here and there when I fire up the blower, but then nothing. My blower might be able to do it, but a few leaky joints in the hose connections might be holding me back. I have also tried using my small pancake compressor hooked up at the pump, but to use that I am pressurizing more volume on the return side of things. I can also hear air leaking out of 2 of the 3 threaded return plugs, so losing pressure there. Thinking of getting 3 expansion plugs for the returns and/or a better sealed vac hose...

- LORRAINE DAY (Bellevue, WA), 03/28/2019

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