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Hello - it's about the time I normally cover my pool. Last year our new dog spent the winter on top of the frozen pool, eventually chewing through the solid cover and popping the pillow. Made spring opening an adventure. I figure my choices are buy another solid cover and pillow and fence off the dog's access or use a mesh cover until all the leaves have fallen? Any recommendations or suggestions? Pics of pool area (with partial deck, trees and dog) here for reference. Thanks!
Category: pool Post By: WILLIE BARKER (Sunrise, FL), 02/11/2019

We have 6 dogs. They are just like our children. After having our pool installed, we quickly realized we had to fence our pool off because those knuckleheads would either go in on their own (without adult supervision), , or one would get bumped into the pool by accident while they were running around and playing. Some of our dogs don't like the water, so that's not good. I had a friend whose dog fell under their cover and drowned. Since your pool is an AG, and you only have a ladder for people to get out, you might have to ask what would happen if your dog went through ice or a cover with no one around? Could he get out? If so, would he tear the liner trying? The cover options are great to prevent leaves and debris from going in the water and making clean-up easier, but for your dog's safety, you might want to consider a barrier.

- ROBERT WILLIAMS (Elgin, IL), 03/26/2019

+1 As a multi dog owner as well i would think the dog comes first If the pool is tall enough that the dog cant jump up on it you maybe able to get just away with preventing him from getting up on the deck? If he/she is a jumper you need to keep him away from the pool. You also have to give so thought to the amount of snow we've been getting on Long Island. I have a 6' fence around my pool and last winter some of the drifts were almost to the top of the fence!

- TOMMY FOWLER (Kenosha, WI), 04/02/2019

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